Triple black-pink + flower necklace

May 2, 2010

new post again 🙂

one day right before I came to disney on ice show at istora senayan (April 17th 2010), I was preparing my new necklace. well, i’m needleless person, so I think most of the jewelry set that I created by myself only use rope, glue and some fabrics. hihihihi *i’m scared of needle* below is the screen shot

I used three suede ropes, 2 black and 1 light pink, I tied it up and jointed it with a clip, I created three different length of the ropes, so it made some levels. For the pink flower, I used light pink felt, first cut it into 1cm x 30cm, swirled it up and glued it. for the calyx i used fuchsia felt, I cut it into 1cm x 8cm and glued each corner to become a circle, and the last I used suede ribbon for the necklace, and voila here’s the details of the necklace.

and now, let’s preparing for the next project 🙂

I’m looking for blog swap or craft swap, let me know if some of you want to do it 🙂

contact me @ artddicted@ymail.com

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Colorful Swirl Necklace by Artddicted

April 27, 2010

Hey ho guys 🙂

nice to write this blog again, i want to share my artwork. A couple month ago, I created some necklaces using felt. I used many colors to make those necklaces cute and colorful. At the first time, those necklaces only for add my jewelry collections. But, in some occasion, accidentally my cousins asked for the necklaces and forced to sell the stuff to them :(.

Well, i feel happy if others feel that too, so i pick up my swirl felt stuff, create some more and show it to my cousins. most of them still in primary school, so they really like some bright colors, and i decided to create these

Item Name: Sweet Orange Swirl Necklace

Sold to Winda Price: RP.15.000 *family price*

Item Name: Pink Flower Swirl Necklace

SOLD to Chichi Price: RP.15.000 *family price*

Item Name: Yellow-Orange Grapes Necklace

SOLD to Dhea Price: RP.15.000 *family price*

One of my cousin ordered for another flower necklace, she asked me to create all about pink :D.  Sorry sis, i havent create that pink stuff yet, will do in next month *perhaps*. While i was creating necklaces above, i already created some other swirl felt, and i bounded it and I set the chain on it,  woilaaaaa

Item Name: Assorted Flowers Swirl Necklace

SOLD to Dhea Price:Rp.25.000

Item Name: Go-Green Swirl Necklace

Available affordable price 🙂

Actually all of the Swirl project was my year 2008 project, hahaha so stupid, i just post it now :p, hope you enjoy it, inspired and create some for yourself. Or you can order to me too 😀

email me at : artddicted@ymail.com

happy crafting people ❤



February 23, 2009

howdy everyone 🙂

in this new blog, i as the writer will review cute artwork from talented artist all over the work, from mural, poster, action figure, handy craft, unique collections, everything related to art 🙂

enjoy my blog guys

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